It was worth a wound...

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Guess who is back! Me yeah!

Part 5: Nope it’s totally a fraud, Wolfgang.


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I love this way too much

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you can’t really hurt me you dumb show

i’ve spent years in the history fandom

everyone is dead and most of them are sad like 50% of the time at least

i’ve spent a ridiculous time in the american civil war fandom

you think any level of betrayal or death or sadness can touch me

you don’t know anything about anything

you can’t hurt me

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You stuck your hands in your pockets, you looked away and smiled.

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-The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes



Last Night in Ferguson (9.29-9.30): Protesters gathered yet again, in a truly uplifting night of action and calls for justice. It wasn’t all sunshine and roses, due to the usual antagonism from the police, but it was solidarity at it’s finest. #staywoke #farfromover

Keep up with the action tonight. Follow the Argus Livestreams and/or BellaAiko from Occupy Oakland.

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